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The first-ever weather station on the Franklin Mountains by the BMBA.

The Borderland Mountain Bike Association has joined forces with Rudd Electric to install the first-ever weather station on the Franklin Mountains. This milestone was made possible through the unwavering support of BMBA members who share a passion for preserving and enhancing the beauty of the El Paso Mountains.

The weather station provides real-time weather updates that cater to the diverse needs of mountain bikers, hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Franklin Mountains, known for their breathtaking landscapes and challenging trails, will offer a safer and more informed experience for all seeking adventure within their peaks.

This collaborative effort aligns with the mission of the BMBA, which is committed to fostering a thriving mountain biking community while promoting responsible outdoor recreation. By installing this weather station, the BMBA aims to empower outdoor enthusiasts with the information they need to plan their activities effectively and respond to changing weather conditions.

You can now access this data directly on the BMBA's website.

With the only weather station on the Franklin Mountains now in place, the BMBA continues demonstrating its commitment to fostering a vibrant and responsible outdoor recreation community in El Paso. See you on the trails!

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